Bar-David Consulting Expertise Featured in Safe Supervisor Magazine.

This month (April 2016), Safe Supervisor magazine features the expertise of Sharone Bar-David, president of Bar-David Consulting and author of Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility. The article, “Six Tips for Responding Constructively to Disrespectful Treatment in the Workplace” lists ways in which workers can respond effectively to negative encounters with co-workers or bosses. Bar-David estimates fewer than five percent of workers know how to respond constructively in these situations.

Safe Supervisor reaches thousands of companies, helping them create effective safety programs and healthy workplace cultures. The publication regularly features Bar-David Consulting’s ideas for promoting respect and civility in the workplace. In another Safe Supervisor article “Step Away From The Stress-Incivility Tango,” Ms. Bar-David provides examples of effective strategies for dealing with stressful workplace incivility. Another two-part article, called “Incivility: This Molehill that Can Cause a Mountain of Work-Related Problems,” examines how low intensity negative workplace interactions can spiral into a toxic atmosphere. Part two illustrates how supervisors can address these problems before they escalate.

Safe Supervisor is one of many publications that have featured Bar-David’s expertise this year, including Hospital News, The Globe and Mail, and Public Sector Digest.



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