The Globe and Mail Leadership Series Features Bar-David Consulting on Risks of Incivility.

On January 26, 2016, the Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab series featured a guest article by incivility expert Sharone Bar-David. The article, entitled “One Rude Employee Can Do Big Damage to Your Company’s Morale”, explains how workplace incivility is overlooked by employers and why they should classify it as a business risk. According to Ms. Bar-David, incivility causes real damage in a workplace, from an individual’s loss of confidence and inability to concentrate, to increased staff turnover and reduced team morale. In organizations that rely on peoples’ ability to collaborate and innovate, the effects of workplace incivility can be particularly harmful.

In a previous Globe and Mail article, “Employees Being Rude to Co-Workers? Make It Your Business”, Ms. Bar-David and co-author Stuart Rudner, employment lawyer, urge managers to take action to tame incivility to avoid decreased productivity, team health issues, and unnecessary exposure to legal risks.

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s largest circulation national newspaper, reaching 6.58 million weekly readers both online and in print. Their “Report on Business” section, featuring the Leadership Lab column, covers topics on economic news and corporate lifestyle.


— To read “One Rude Employee Can Do Big Damage to Your Company’s Morale”, click here [link to article on Bar-David website].

— To read “Employees Being Rude to Co-Workers? Make It Your Business”, click here.

— To learn more about how to respond to workplace incivility constructively, click here.

— To contact us to discuss how your organization can create a respectful workplace, click here.

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