Bar-David Consulting Receives 2017 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards


Bar-David Consulting is thrilled and grateful to have received the 2017 Canadian HR Reporter Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards program recognizes best providers as seen through the eyes of the magazine’s readers.

Having collaborated and contributed to the Canadian HR Reporter magazine since 2008, offering commentary on a variety of issues, leading webinars, responding to HR Toughest Questions, and partnering on designing two large-scale surveys on abrasive leaders and workplace incivility, we are especially honoured by this recognition.

Here are more articles, commentary and webinars we’ve collaborated on with the HR Reporter magazine over the years:


How to Hire a Civil EmployeeKey interview questions for managers and human resources professionals to ensure you’re hiring people that will uphold a civil culture.

Six Tips for Responding Constructively to Disrespectful Treatment in the Workplace. Few workers know how to respond constructively to a negative encounter with a co-worker or boss.

4 Stages of Workplace Incivility Disease. Proper diagnosis of your organization or team’s state of incivility leads to better remedies.

A Look at Workplace Incivility, Mini-Aggression and the Art of Getting Even. When people are on the receiving end of workplace incivility, they resort to retaliatory manoeuvres or even outright combat.

Dealing with a Star Performer Who is Abrasive. Strategies for managing a high performer whose interpersonal conduct causes distress in the work environment

Workplace Incivility: Fix that Broken Window. Fourteen strategies to stop incivility from eroding your organization.

Three Beliefs That Will Sink Your ShipDamaging beliefs that go unchecked will cause major problems to your organization.

Is Eye-Rolling Hazardous to Your Health? Surprising research on ostracism reveals negative health impacts.

Six Overlooked Tips for New Leaders. How to create a harassment-free work environment when moving from staff to leader.

8th International Conference on Workplace Bullying: What you Need to Know. Almost thirty years since Scandinavian researchers began studying psychological abuse in the workplace, the field is in flux.

Abrasive Bosses – Three Deadly Organizational SinsWhy organizations habitually enable and nurture harsh management styles.

No Harm Intended? Think Again. Avoid mishandling respect-related issues by putting the offender’s intent and its impact on others to proper use.

Incivility: When the Boss is the Problem. Top eight mistakes you can choose to make on the way to self-induced misery.

Do You Have Your RHB Designation? Being a real human being can take thought, effort and largesse. Are you willing to take it on?

7 Fail-Proof Tips for Self-Sabotage. How to ensure you’re passed over for promotion and at the top of the layoff list.

How to Regain Your Life Balance. Four steps to regain your life balance and live a life filled with meaning and purpose.

Performance: Why Managers Keep Their Eyes Shut Tightly. Why managers turn a blind eye to problematic performance and no-nonsense tools for moving beyond procrastination.

Selling Your Soul? Hit the Eject Button. Three easy ways to sell your soul at work, plus one industrial-strength method for finding your way back into authenticity.

Defensive Management in a Bully-Saturated Era. How to navigate four high sensitivity situations that could inadvertently expose hard-working, decent managers to unfounded bullying accusations.

Critical Exception to ‘Correct in Private’ Rule. When it comes to maintaining a respectful workplace, correcting behaviour in public is sometimes necessary.

What Leaders (and HR) Can Learn from Successful Politicians and Top-Notch Salesmen. Replace your old and  tired communication model with something that will actually achieve results.

Reverse Bullying: Management Teams Deserve Protection Too. What to do when the management team is held hostage by a bully employee.

The Business Case for a Respectful Workplace. Why it makes both sense and cents to maintain a respectful workplace.

Don’t Sugar-Coat the Message. How to deliver negative feedback to senior management and live to tell your story


The Incivility Risk: It’s Time to Connect the DotsAn analysis of the surprising results of a survey we designed for the HR Reporter magazine on workplace incivility.

Abrasive Leaders Taking Toll on Organizations. Newest data collected from our joint survey with the Canadian HR Reporter magazine about the causes, manifestations and real costs of abrasive leadership


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