Sharone Bar-David to Lead Webinar on Abrasive Leaders for Conference Board of Canada.

Sharone Bar-David will be presenting a Conference Board of Canada webinar for senior leaders and human resources professionals—Demystifying the Abrasive Leader: Finding the Path to Change. Scheduled for July 7, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. EDT, this is the second Conference Board webinar with Ms. Bar-David this year, following the success of “Trust Your Inner Canary: Taming Workplace Incivility”, a webinar she delivered for the Conference Board earlier this year, that attracted over 100 attendees from sectors across Canada.

The Conference Board of Canada publishes close to 500 independent research reports annually, including economic forecasts and organizational performance and public policy analyses. Its webinars are attended by decision makers across industries.

As an accredited Boss Whisperer, Ms. Bar-David specializes in coaching and rehabilitating abrasive leaders. In this webinar, she will explain common causes of abrasive behaviour that compromise the work environment. Debunking common myths about such leaders, Bar-David will describe how organizations enable abrasive behaviour and avoid holding these individuals accountable. Bar-David will also reveal findings from a cross-Canada survey about abrasive leaders conducted by Bar-David Consulting in collaboration with Canadian HR Reporter Magazine.

According to Ms. Bar-David, the majority of abrasive leaders are high performers who may not intend to inflict harm and are not fully aware of their impact on the workplace. However, their interpersonal style can lead to high staff turnover, increased sick and stress leaves, transfer requests, low morale, grievances, harassment or bullying complaints, union upset, legal or mediation costs, stifled innovation, damage to the organization’s brand reputation, and valuable executive resources wasted on dealing with the matter.

For webinar registration details, click here. The Conference Board of Canada has graciously extended a 50% discount off the $199 webinar fee to people in Bar-David Consulting’s network. If you or a colleague are interested in attending, just let us know, and we will provide you with the coupon details.

To contact us to discuss how the Bar-David Consulting REAL™ Program for Abrasive Leaders can help your organization, click here. To download out free, proprietary Abrasive Leader Risk Assessment tool, click here.


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