Sharone Bar-David to Speak at Conference Board of Canada Corporate Culture Conference

On November 10, 2016, Sharone Bar-David will be speaking at the Conference Board of Canada’s Corporate Culture Conference 2016: Creating Cultures That Support Your Strategy. Her session, What’s in an Eye Roll? Workplace Incivility and Culture Dynamics. Here’s the session description:

The culture-eroding nature of workplace incivility is widely overlooked or underestimated. Those seemingly insignificant, low intensity rude or disrespectful behaviours that are bound to emerge wherever people share work goals and spaces have a way of rippling into vital success drivers that the other conference speakers have alluded to: innovation, passion, client relationships, mindful action, people-power, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

This session will inspire you to examine the interplay between incivility, organizational antecedents, leadership, and why you should care about this matter in the first place. Sharone Bar-David will share her perspective on the dynamics of workplace incivility and some ideas on how to remove the obstacles it creates to people, culture and business outcomes.

This session follows three previous Conference Board events that featured Ms. Bar-David’s expertise this year: The Demystifying the Abrasive Leader: Finding the Path to Change webinar, the Trust Your Inner Canary: Taming Workplace Incivility webinar and her moderating of a session at the Conference Board’s Workplace Mental Health 2016 Conference.

The Conference Board of Canada publishes close to 500 independent research reports annually, including economic forecasts and organizational performance and public policy analyses. Its events are attended by decision makers across industries.

For conference registration details, click here. The Conference Board of Canada has graciously extended a 50% discount off the $1,855 conference fee to folks and organizations in Bar-David Consulting’s network. If you or a colleague are interested in attending, just let us know, and we will provide you with the coupon details.

If your organization would like Bar-David Consulting to speak at your next event or would like information on how to create a respectful workplace, please contact us anytime.

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