Benefits Canada Magazine Features Our Expertise.

In 2015, Benefits Canada magazine featured Bar-David Consulting’s expertise on two issues affecting employees’ physical and mental health–abrasive employees and workplace incivility.

Benefits Canada magazine is the country’s go-to pension and benefits publication for decision-makers in Canadian workplaces.

  1. In an article entitled “Abrasive Employees Hurt Productivity”, author Sharone Bar-David asserts that abrasive employees, whether they are leaders or staff members, have a significant impact on all aspects of business– from absenteeism and staff retention to collaboration and customer service. Citing a 2011 survey created by Bar-David Consulting in collaboration with Canadian HR Reporter, Bar-David’s articlereveals that nearly all (92%) of the Canadian HR professionals surveyed agree that incivility has negative effects on productivity. Eighty percent report an impact on absenteeism, while 72% say customer service suffers as a result. Bar-David recommends that organizations wanting to tame this behaviour define what constitutes abrasive behaviour and implement changes that begin at the top. To be effective, Bar-David adds that the culture change must include meaningful consequences if expectations for professional conduct are not met.
  1. While workplace incivility may not be as blatantly recognizable as abrasive behaviour on the job, it too can have a significant and negative impact. In contributing to a Benefits Canada November 2015 article, “Why You Should Hire a Civility Coach”, Bar-David makes the case as to why training employees about workplace incivility is a smart business move.

Workplace incivility refers to those seemingly insignificant behaviours that are rude, disrespectful, discourteous or insensitive, where the intent to harm is ambiguous or unclear. Incivility often happens unintentionally, and without realizing the negative impact it has on those who are affected by it.

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