Bar-David Consulting Adds Workplace Civility Education Bursts to its Training Services Offerings

You’ve told us that you want to expose as many people as possible in your organization to workplace civility training.

Now, help is on the way.

Bar-David Consulting is thrilled to announce that we have recently added an exciting new offering to our complement of training servicesCivility Education Bursts.

Titled Step Up! Taming Incivility in your Workplace, these Education Bursts comprise of 15-minute long sessions that focus on different aspects of workplace incivility, where your staff receive fun ‘civility homework’ to practice on-the-job between sessions. Participants can attend one or two 15-minute modules per work shift, or attend sessions on consecutive days (we’ll build the schedule around your workplace’s rhythm).

If you wish to boost workplace civility in your organization but have limitations on how long staff can leave their work responsibilities, or if the size of your organization makes it a challenge to fund training for all, these programs might be just the thing you were looking for.

These civility education bursts can also be used as a down-the-road sustainability refresher for people who already participated in previous workplace civility training with us. There’s nothing like an encapsulated energetic experience to keep civility top of mind.

These sessions are no-fuss experiences. Forget about PowerPoint or fancy boardrooms. Our facilitator will arrive at your workplace and deliver highly interactive sessions that bring to your staff the top ideas that we’ve learned from hundreds of training sessions are the best ideas that will inspire your people. ‘Engaging’ and ‘motivational’ are key values associated with these experiences.

Crammed lunchroom? we’ll do it there.

Messy staff space? we’ll do that too.

Standing room only? no problem.

As long as there’s sufficient room for our facilitator to move around, and a spot to safely place a flip chart stand, we’ll make it happen.


Contact us today to discuss whether these fun, motivational and affordable educational bursts can  help boost workplace civility in your organization.

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