Canadian HR Reporter + HRPA Feature a Webinar on Abrasive Leaders with Sharone Bar-David.

On November 13th, 2012 the Canadian HR Reporter Magazine, along with the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA), featured Sharone Bar-David’s expertise  on abrasive leadership as part of their professional development offerings. The webinar incorporates the results of a survey we developed, focused on the causes, manifestations and costs of abrasive leadership in the Canadian workplace.

About the the webinar:

Insights Into the Abrasive Leader: Finding a Better Way

Somewhere along your professional path, you’ve encountered an abrasive leader (or were aware of one). As such, you’ve already observed the impact that a harsh interpersonal style inevitably has on the workplace.

This webinar will help you develop a better understanding of abrasive leaders, their profound effect on the workplace, and what your organization can do to deal effectively with the issue. You will also learn about the intriguing results of a recent Canadian HR Reporter survey developed by the webinar’s facilitator, and what the survey’s findings reveal about this phenomenon. (Hint: prepare to hear about abrasive leaders trapped in their own fallibility, fearful staff, senior leaders who turn a blind eye, organizations who lack effective mechanisms to prevent or deal with the problem, and frustrated HR professionals.)

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What makes abrasive leaders behave the way they do (you might be surprised)
  • Five key findings from the Canadian HR Reporter Abrasive Leader Survey that you need to be aware of in your role as an HR professional or people-leader
  • Top four commandments for dealing with abrasive leaders, or preventing harsh interpersonal conduct from developing in the first place.

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