Sharone Bar-David Participates in Canadian HR Reporter Roundtable on Organizational Health


IMG_2092On september 24th, 2014, Sharone Bar-David participated in a Canadian HR Reporter Roundtable on Organizational Health.

This roundtable brought together multi-disciplinary experts to explore the impact of workplace culture on employee health and well-being and how to improve the overall health of an organization. A poor working environment can lead to increased absenteeism, a spike in disability claims, lower productivity and increased turnover. All these affect the bottom line.

The roundtable  was filmed and will be produced as a series of videos. The magazine will also be covering the roundtable in the next issue of Executive Series Digest, a publication produced by Canadian HR Reporter that is designed to educate non-HR executives about human resource issues.

Once the videos and publication are available, we will make sure to bring the information directly to you.

Until then, check out these resources that explore some of the issues that lead to a deterioration in organizational culture:

1. Abrasive leaders

2. Workplace incivility

3. Challenges facing new leaders


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