Bar-David Consulting Launches Ultimate Resources to Tame Workplace Incivility.

Bar-David Consulting is proud to announce the launch of the Respect-on-the-Go toolkits and the Trust Your Canary Team Civility Boosters, two groundbreaking resources that equip organizations with the hands-on tools and strategies they need for boosting workplace civility and increasing productivity.

The Respect-on-the-Go toolkits feature a series of engaging cards jam-packed with hundreds of practical tips, strategies and information nuggets that enable managers and employees to step up to the plate to identify, prevent and address incivility. They offer guidance for dealing with a wide range of scenarios and can be used in multiple ways to empower everyone across the enterprise to create a respectful, thriving and engaged workplace.


The Trust Your Canary Team Civility Booster is an intensive program for boosting civility on specific teams via thoughtful discussions assisted by videos. The Team Civility Booster takes teams through five modules, each one beginning with a video that provides a platform for action-oriented group discussions. Using these modules, team members challenge their beliefs about incivility and collaborate to find solutions for their workplaces.

These first-of-their-kind resources provide a solid framework for inspiring civility and encouraging resilient workplace cultures. In July, Bar-David Consulting’s president, Sharone Bar-David, will publish her much awaited book, Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility, a hands-on comprehensive resource for leaders wishing to cultivate a respectful work environment.


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